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  • June 2017

    Simple Machines, Vitruvian Man and Flapping WIngs

    Simple Machines, Vitruvian Man and Flapping WIngs
  • May 2016

    The World of Leonardo da Vinci - Machines, Antalya (Turkey)

  • September 2015

    Last Supper, Mechanical Eagle, Dragon & Lyre, Stretch drum

  • June 2015

    Rapid-Fire Crossbow

  • October 2014

    Musical Instruments

  • February 2014

    The Musical Can(n)on

  • March 2013

    The World of Leonardo da Vinci, Milano (Italy)

  • February 2011

    Da Vinci's Workshop, Philadelphia (USA)

  • March 2010


  • September 2009

    da Vinci's Workshop, Vigevano (Italy)

  • November 2008

    The Book of Secrets, Doha (Qatar)

  • April 2008

    Os Segredos dos Codigos de Leonardo da Vinci, São Paulo (Brasil)

  • September 2007

    Virtual Codex Atlanticus, Wichita (USA)

  • May 2006

    Leonardo da Vinci: Man Inventor Genius, Chicago (USA)

  • October 2005

    Virtual Codex Atlanticus, Milan (Italy)

  • November 2016

    Flying Bike, Flying Tandem, Fire Ball and Vitruvian Man

  • October 2015

    Allah's Automata, Karlsruhe (Germany)

  • July 2015

    Musical Can(n)on at "La Fenice" opera house in Venice

  • December 2014

    Lady with the ermine

  • September 2014

    Swiat Leonarda, Checiny (Poland)

  • July 2013

    Flying Machine of Milan

  • October 2011

    Da Vinci's Workshop, Toronto (Canada)

  • March 2010

    Harpsichord-Viola: Press conference

  • November 2009

    Da Vinci's Workshop, New York (USA)

  • April 2009

    Leonardo and Flight, Livorno (Italy)

  • April 2008

    Da Vinci Código Atlántico, Mexico City

  • November 2007

    Leonardo, Machines and Design, Persian Gulf

  • May 2007

    The Codex on Flight and the Self-Portrait, Turin (Italy)

  • April 2006

    Virtual Codex Atlanticus, Tokyo (Japan)